Desperate With Dry Eye

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Desperate With Dry Eye

Post by Gera66 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:19 pm

Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum and posted a few separate questions today about Azyter, Maskin probing and control-flow punctal plugs. I don't know if any of these are readily available here. I am 49 and first felt grittiness for a few weeks in 2013 but it cleared up in a few weeks with artificial tears and hot flannels, a regime which I kept up. Then I was okay until April this year when the grittiness returned and took longer to clear with the help of fusidic acid, hot flannels, massage, Omega3 fish oil 2000mg daily, eyelid cleaning with Blephasol, Lacrilube and Hycosan Extra. I kept up with this regime rigorously but despite that, six weeks ago, it returned with a vengeance. It has not improved, despite lower punctal plugs being fitted (four plugs were too much and made my eyes red and watery, but still quite stingy, round the clock but particularly outdoors). My eyes are red now anyway and I can't decide whether to have the upper plugs put back in again. My tear break up time with the lower plugs in is 3 seconds. Without any plugs it is 1 second! I haven't seen any sort of specialist for dry eyes, just a general consultant in clinic who seemed to have little knowledge on dry eye. I apparently have aqueous deficiency, posterior blepharitis and Meibomian gland dysfunction (my oils are congealed). I was prescribed Doxy but am too scared to try it due to side effects. My eyes feel like two rock hard, cold, dry balls with burning and stinging in the corners and a horrible stickiness to them. I seem to have moved on for the worse from just plain old grittiness. No preservative free tears or lubricrants or emulsions particularly help much: Theratears, Soothe, Lubristil, Thealoz Duo Gel, Lacrilube, Vit A Pos, Visidan, Hycosan Extra, Emustil, Systane Balance. I often wear swimming goggles round the house sometimes which make my eyes feel slightly moist at the corners in an uncomfortable way but still dry, cold and hard. I and am saving up for some moisture chamber glasses. The only relief I get is when eating, as it seems to encourage the nerves that supply tears. I am in a terrible state with this and can't imagine how I am going to get through the rest of my life with this chronic and progressive condition. My MGD eye bag does not relieve it either - just makes my eyes very sticky. My eyelash follicles on the lower lid look all yellow and hard - I don't know why. I would love to try Lipiflow and IPL but they are too expensive for me. Have these worked well for anyone. I'm guessing that you can't get Lipiflow for under £1000. Everything that I have suggested to GP and clinic doctor is just dismissed as rubbish: androgen cream, Ilube, Cyclosporin, Azyter... I really need to try these things but don't know who is going to provide them. I also want to try Maskin probing and control flow punctal plugs but don't know if these are available here. The lining of my nose also feels stingy and burning but GP says that there's nothing to see and no connection! My mouth is moist though, so can't have Sjorgen"s Syndrome.One eye slighty worse than other just like one nasal passage is. It would seem if you can afford it there are things to try such as hormone therapy at the Cadogan in London but if, like me, you are reliant on the NHS it is like being stuck in the dark ages in the world of dry eye with each day a new hell. Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for reading.

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Re: Desperate With Dry Eye

Post by Claddagh » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:33 pm

Hi you need to see an eye consultant and ask him to supply you with Ikervis which is the circlospoin. It will last a month with repeat prescriptions from gp.
Try antI inflammatory foods eg turmeric parsley etc. I know how You feel . ALSO TRY THE USA SITE FOR DRY EYES COZ BEING GOING YEARS . GPS cannot prescribe circlosporin they need a letter from eye hospital. I have lower plugs and still wanted more treatment so they gave me Ikervis . . DEMAND FROM YOUR CONSULTANT. PREPARE ALL YOUR SYMPTOMS ON PAPER AND HAND THEM TO CONSULTANT SO U KNOW YOU DID NOT FORGET TO TELL THEM. YOU NEED THEM TO SORT OUT THE EVAPORATIVE AND ACQUOUS PARTS OF YOUR DRY EYE. ENSURE YOU HAVE ALL TESTS DONE SO YOU CAN MONITOR PROGRESS, IF U DON'T SAY MUCH THEY WILL SAY NEXT PLEASE AND I WILL SEE YOU IN 3 MONTHS....WHICH IS A LONG TIME WHEN OU SUFFER DAILY. My doctors not interested in eye problems just the anxiety and deres sion that can result with some people but not all. I had my glands squeezed in an operation at hospital on nhs. MANCHESTER EYE HOSPITAL. You could paybabout 250 to see a private eye consultant who would give you a private prescription for my items you could try. Gp will refer you.


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