Edenovirus and Dry eye treatment

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Edenovirus and Dry eye treatment

Postby Janet H » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:54 pm

It was suggested I post something about my experience with Dry Eye and having Edenovirus. All I really want to say is if you have viral conjunctivitus or any conjunctivitus that is particularly nasty and difficult to shift just get to an opticians. I got Edenovirus and it threatened to cause long term damage to my cornea in both eyes. It was further complicated by my dry eye condition and therefore the extra sensitivity of my eyes. Allergens also made it more difficult to treat. I found the dry eye drops (both the normal and the more viscous drops) were invaluable for comfort but I had difficulties with some of the other prescriptions. In the end the virus was killed by Iodine solution, I had anti hystamines and finally steroid drops and I am pleased to say that my eyes are back to normal. Just the usual dry eye now. Be careful with these eye infections as Edenovirus is really nasty. Janet
Janet H
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